Season 14 is the third season, overall, to have two "bad girls" coming from the same city and state. The last seasons to do so was Season 1 and Season 2 of the Bad Girls Club. In every season of the "Bad Girls Club", only seven "bad girls" enter the mansion on the first episode. During the show replacements enter the house after a original "bad girl" leaves or is removed. Usually only one replacement enters the show, however, season one and Bad Girls Club has had three replacements, which is the highest number of replacements to date in the series.[1]

Name Age Hometown "Bad Girl" nickname [2][3]
Daisy Swizzle 23 Baltimore, Maryland "The Preppy Princess
Elizabeth "Liz" Reniccio 21 Queens, New York "The Hot Headed Hustler"
Gina Garabaldo 22 Nashville, Tennessee "The Nashville Narcissist"
Regina "Reggie" Vanderweld 23 Houston, Texas "The Seductive Siren"
Peyton Oliver 21 Chicago, Illinois "The Devil Diva"
Reni Moten 22 Los Angeles County, California "The Hellraiser"
Shannon Thomas 22 Dallas, Texas "The Dallas Girl"

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