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Cast membersEdit

Replacement bad girl

Season Name Age[I] Hometown[II] Profession
1 Zara Sprankle 22 Cicero, NY
Ripsi Terzian 23 Watertown, MA
Aimee Landi 24 Philadelphia, PA
Leslie Ramsue 24 Atlanta, GA Model
Ty Colliers 25 Atlanta, GA
Jodie Howell 29 Baltimore, ML Model
Kerry Harvick 31 Nashville, TN Singer-songwriter
Joanna Hernandez 23 Sacramento, CA
DeAnn Witt 24 Dallas, TX
Andrea Laing 26 High Point, NC
2 Tanisha Thomas 21 Brooklyn, NY Bad Girls Club 8-present Reunion Host Love Games Host
Nikki "Cordelia" Carlisle 22 Wallingford, CT Porn actress
Hanna Thompson 22 Brooklyn, NY Actress
Melissa "Lyric" Greene 22 Phoenix, AZ Rapper
Darlen Escobar 24 Austin, TX
Neveen Ismail 24 Portland, OR
Jennavecia Russo 26 Las Vegas, NV Voice actress
Andrea Sharples 22 Portland, OR Blogger
3 Ailea Carr 21 Buford, GA
Whitney Collings 21 Boston, MA
Amber Buell 23 Pittsburgh, PA
Kayla Carter 23 Compton, CA
Sarah Michaels 23 Milwaukee, WI
Tiffany Torrence-Davis 24 Chicago, IL Entreprenuer
Amber Meade 25 Montevideo, MN
Ashley Weaver 21 Seattle, WA
4 Kendra James 22 Charlotte, North Carolina Former beauty queen
Amber McWha 23 Morgantown, West Virginia
Katherine "Kate" Squillace 23 Boston, MA
Natalie Nunn 24 Oakland, CA Socialite, club promoter, model
Portia Beaman 24 Kansas City, MO
Annie Andersen 25 Los Angeles, CA Animal rights activist
Florina "Flo" Kaja 26 Staten Island, NY Singer, club promoter, LGBT rights activist
Lexie Woltz 21 Belleville, IL
5 Danielle Rosario 21 Long Island, NY
Morgan Osman 21 Miami, FL Socialite, club promoter, model
Lea Beaulieu 22 Miami, FL
Kristen Guinane 23 Boston, MA Hooters waiter
Catya "Cat" Washington 24 Philadelphia, PA Model
Erica Lynne[78] (or Langston)[79][80] 25 Yorba Linda, CA Former cheerleader, porn actress[78]
Brandi "Venus" Arceneaux 26 Inglewood, CA Porn actress, exotic dancer, club promoter
Ashley Cheatham 21 Houston, TX Model
Kayleigh Severn 22 San Diego, California
Christina Hopkins 22 Staten Island, NY Model, club promoter
6 Jessica Rodriguez 21 Chicago, IL
Kori Koether 21 Phoenix, AZ Model
Lauren Spears 21 Lexington, KY
Sydney Steinfeldt 21 Dallas, TX Model
Jade Bennett 22 Milwaukee, Wisconsin Socialite
Nicole "Nikki" Galladay 22 Annandale, NJ Football player, model, body builder
Charmaine "Char" Warren 27 Chicago, IL Administrative assistant
Ashley King 21 Norfolk, VA Model, Socialite
Jennifer Buonagurio 21 Bergen County, NJ Playboy model, exotic dancer
Wilmarie "Wilma" Sena 27 Passaic, NJ Model
7 Angelic Castillo 21 Bronx, NY Go-go dancer, exotic dancer
Judi Jai 21 Olympia Fields, IL
Tiara Hodge 22 Houston, TX Entrepreneur
Nastasia Townsend 23 Sacramento, CA Rapper
Shelly Hickman 23 St. Louis, MO Bartender
Tasha Malek 23 Miami, FL Socialite
Priscilla Mennella 25 Staten Island, NY
Cheyenne Evans[81][82] 22 Austin, TX
8 Amy Cielowski 21 Chicago, IL
Erica Marie 21 Phoenix, AZ Model
Danielle Victor 21 Lexington, KY
Gabrielle Victor 21 Dallas, TX
Gia 22 Milwaukee, Wisconsin Socialite
MiMi 22 Annandale, NJ Football player, model, body builder
Jenna 27 Chicago, IL Administrative assistant
Elease 21 Norfolk, VA Model, Socialite
Christine 21 Bergen County, NJ Playboy model, exotic dancer
Camilla 24 Long Beach, CA

^[I] Contestant's age at the start of the season. ^[II] U.S. state abbreviations can be found here.

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